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Centre Val Santé

In this beautiful setting located in the middle of vast landscaped grounds which grace discreetly the bank of the Ouareau River, you will discover the benefits of water fasting and juice therapy. A natural and healthy way to get younger, to improve your health, to lose weight, to stop smoking and to live again!

You will find, both inside and outside, an atmosphere of peace and rest that readily invites to relaxation. Soft music, great reading, a walk in fresh air, a moment to stop and reflect under the beautiful trees… time stands still. This is a harbour of quietude where you can learn how to live an intimate adventure with yourself, listen to your body, and share with others the fascinating experience of fasting. Our establishment is open all year and our staff is always ready to welcome you.

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Near Rawdon, at only 55 km from Montreal.


The Center

The Centre Val Santé first opened in August 1990, however, over the years it has continued to evolve and adapt in order to better accommodate its diverse and growing clientele. Since then, we have included in our repertoire different services and a wide variety of natural products. Our clients visit the Val Santé Centre for different reasons and we ensure that everyone receives personalized attention and support according to their individual needs.

Stella Altamura

Fascinated by all topics related to health and healing, whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual, Stella Altamura, owner and manager, likes to think that we can heal the planet one person at a time! Stella first fell in love with the Centre and its mission in 2006 whilst she experienced her first fast.



It has been proven that fasting has many beneficial effects on the body. It is our pleasure to assist you in this completely natural and autonomous process by offering you constant moral support in a very comfortable environment during your stay at the Centre.

At Centre Val Santé you can discover the incomparable experience of water fasting or indulge with a fresh juice therapy. During you stay you can totally relax by starting with a good massage. Stimulate your mind and learn more about different health topics by attending the free conference every morning.

We now have Yoga Sessions "YogArmonie" that are guaranteed to further contribute to your total wellbeing.


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